January 2022 FAIW Film Update: Wisdom & Courage From Many Rising and Risen Heroes Today

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Freeing An Incarcerated World

Greetings from the Freeing An Incarcerated World (FAIW) film project!

2022 is here and we have some exciting things that we are planning for this new year! As many of you know, it requires vision, dedication, and funding to bring a documentary film to life.  We are happy to report that we raised additional funding from some generous donors in 2021 which will help us to take the next steps in production in the coming months. 

The Freeing An Incarcerated World film project is designed to reach into all of our lives and speak to the Hidden Hero that lives inside us. It invites participation.  It summons us to go on the adventure.  It illustrates the many twists and turns of our Journeys of Personal Transformation.  In this film, we are bringing to life the energy of a much larger universal journey that we all make, to re-discover our True Selves and to liberate the gifts and the service that we came to be in our lifetimes. 

Now, as many of you may know, our non-profit organization, Whole Soul School and Foundation, seeks in its ongoing mission to provide the education, the conversation, the tools, and the enthusiasm to support global travelers in The Rising Hero’s Journey.  And we view the Freeing An Incarcerated World film project as a collection of powerful voices of those who have walked the Hero’s Journey of Transformation and who seek to share the lessons and wisdom learned from their adventures. 

In 2021, we docked the film project in a more permanent home on Lacy Frazer’s website, that you can find here:  lacyfrazercoachingandconsulting.com.  We now look forward to communicating with you through regular blog posts and/or podcasts our progress in bringing this project to life.  In addition, we will share with you inspirational messages and stories that will hopefully facilitate your continued interest and connection to not only this project, but the journey of your own rising hero within!

So in that spirit of sharing real stories and real inspiration, Lacy Frazer offers the following as our inaugural FAIW blog post!

Freeing An Incarcerated World ~ January 2022 Blog

In Their Own Words:
Wisdom & Courage from Many Rising and Risen Heroes Today

In 2018, following my retirement from working as a psychologist in the federal prison system, I reached back out to many of the men I worked with on the inside who had since been released. This reach-back was initiated for several reasons at the time, one of which was to check in with them regards to their Journey of Personal Transformation . . . a journey that had begun “behind the fence” so to speak. And I found that it was in asking powerful questions that The Hero’s Process of Change and Transformation began to be revealed. 

One of those powerful questions was . . . In your life before prison, did you have an awareness that you were living an incarcerated or inauthentic life?

Here is a small sampling of replies we so generously received.

“I had a hint I was living inauthentically – in the drug world. I felt I was missing something but did not know what.”  -LA

“I always thought there had to be more in life, but could never imagine a way out of the prison of my life.”  -GL

“Yes…when I look back on my life I was in turmoil from age 8 or 9. I was stubborn, lost, full of fear, hate, dishonest to myself and to others. I questioned everything and everyones actions.”  -MN

While these sentiments represent a small sampling of answers to this larger question, they speak very clearly to what I believe is the nature or the essence of THE UNAWAKENED HERO. The unawakened hero is vaguely aware that they are missing something or that there has to be something more to life than suffering and challenge.  However, this awareness is often more of a fleeting thought or question that moves in and out of their consciousness and not one that sticks around for long, given the limits of most people’s language and the lack of deeper self understanding in many people today.  The idea that we might actually have the power to change our life circumstances and alleviate our own suffering remains an elusive concept to many unawakened heroes … until an important or impactful enough experience or life circumstance SUMMONS them to required change and the necessity of expanded their awareness to transcend those challenges.

Tune in next month when we share more examples of The Unawakened Hero and The Summoning to Greater Awakening expressed In Their Own Words Wisdom & Courage From Many Rising and Risen Heroes Today.

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